is a seed fund that allows to carry out feasibility and design studies for Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) projects.
Setting up LDN projects requires a holistic understanding of the geography of the selected area.
The local biodiversity and the climate can be identified with the ESMERALDA-TRACKER module.
This knowledge will allow to identify a first set of possible actions of the LDN project.
At the same time a thorough consultation of all concerned stakeholders needs to be started.
National, regional and local governments will be involved from the start, as well as the local communities and local traditional authorities.
Furthermore, any other actor relevant for the implementation as well as off takers of the agricultural goods will be considered.
This shall ensure that the project will be supported by all concerned parties and that it is tailored to their capacities.
These preliminary project phases will be financed through the ESMERALDA-STARTER fund.
Once the project is mature for implementation, the ESMERALDA team will seek investors who will finance the LDN project.

How we proceed

ESMERALDA-STARTER is a seed fund to kick start LDN projects. It relies on experienced partners for the project implementation. Off-takers and investors will benefit from ESMERALDA-STARTER services.


of areas and ecosystems to restore, based on land and landscape degradation trends and deep understanding of degradation drivers, involving all relevant stakeholders at local, regional and global levels, moderating the definition of a viable project concept and clear implementation strategies.


socio-economic needs and opportunities with market and investment funding demands, devising a sustainable and secured business plan and contracts for all stakeholders involved.


transparency of the project preparation and traceability of project activities as well as social, environmental and economic impacts during and beyond the project implementation timeline, using high performance satellite data and geographical information systems (GIS).


of knowledge/best practices/success stories and stimulating partnerships between green investors, economic operators and communities living in areas to be restored.