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Leveraging satellite technology and sustainable finance to restore ecosystems


is a company that plans and monitors large scale land degradation neutrality projects. A seed fund is used to finance project feasibility studies, while a unique digital tool using the latest in Earth observation technology is utilized to collect data for these projects and monitor them.

ESMERALDA’s approach is truly global, as its core competence is the development and implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality projects on a large scale in numerous countries such as the Sub-saharan area or in Latin and South America. ESMERALDA combines a satellite imagery based expert tool for LDN project development and traceability monitoring with the ability to develop and implement bankable LDN projects.

ESMERALDA consists of two main components: ESMERALDA STARTER, which involves the design, the feasibility, the planning and the funding mobilisation for land degradation neutrality projects, and ESMERALDA TRACKER, a digital tool that uses Earth observation technology to collect and monitor data for these projects.