The Consortium

Climate & Company is Germany’s leading sustainable finance think tank. It is specialised in climate and sustainable finance policy and analytics and works in the fields of sustainable finance, climate-friendly investment, biodiversity and sustainable development. Overall it supports decision makers in bridging the gaps between finance, policy and the environment.

JAISPOIR  is a French consulting and project development company, providing expert services to businesses in various fields mainly linked to decarbonation. With years of experience in general business modelling and optimization, JAISPOIR offers strategic planning and definition services that help businesses navigate the competitive business environment.

mundialis is a German software company specialising in the analysis of earth observation data from a variety of sources, including satellites, aircraft and drones. In addition to extracting information from remotely sensed data, the company is also adept at programming the tools essential to these tasks, in particular a geoprocessing engine.

Everimpact is a French software company offering a cutting-edge carbon monitoring technology platform for cities and industries. Their platform enables accurate, real-time measurement of greenhouse gas emissions using a combination of satellite imagery, big data, and sensors. Once certified, this data is made available to high-profile carbon offset buyers.

LDN Advisory is a French company specialized in the participatory conception and development of restoration investment projects in degrading landscapes

VisioTerra is a French company specialised in providing scientific consulting services for Earth Observation (EO). It offers expert support, training, and communication for EO programs, technical studies, production of cartographic products, software development, and geoservices. Geoservices offered by VisioTerra are utilised for monitoring various topics of interest, such as agriculture, irrigation, forest management (including the detection of deforestation, fires, and burnt areas), floodings, offshore oil spills, and inland water pollution.

Fundacion Agreste is a pioneer of combating desertification and leader of a global network of grass-root NGOs.

terrestris is a German software company offering services and products based on open source software. It focuses in particular on the processing and visualisation of spatial data with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in all its forms.